EAC-CPF Draft Working Examples

The following examples are NOT NORMATIVE. The EACWG is reviewing the examples and negotiating consensus on best practices.

Brewer, Ilma Mary. Australia. [RNG] [XSD]

Compagnie d’Acadie. France. [RNG][XSD]

Brown, Bob, 1886-1959. United States. [RNG][XSD]

Peace Corps. United States. (ISAAR example 1)[RNG][XSD]

Mabo, Eddie. Australia. (ISAAR example 5) [RNG] [XSD]

Depero, Fortunato 1892-1960. Italy. (ISAAR example 6) [RNG] [XSD]

Noel family, Earls of Gainsborough. Great Britain. (ISAAR example 10) [RNG] [XSD]

Gorʹkij, Maksim and Peškov, Aleksej Maksimovič. France. (Multiple identities) [RNG] [XSD]

Lemoyne, François. France. [RNG] [XSD]

Mawson, Douglas. Australia. [RNG] [XSD]

Mawson, Douglas. Australia. (Aggregation). [RNG] [XSD]

Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe (Paris). France. [RNG] [XSD]

Gregorius XVI, 1831-1846 and Cappellari, Bartolomeo Alberto, 1765-1846. Italy. (Multiple identities) [RNG] [XSD]