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Ontario. Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations (April 1, 1972–February 8, 2001) [eng]

Ontario. Ministère de la Consommation et du Commerce (1 avril 1972–8 février 2001) [fre]

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Record type: corporate name

Editorial status: draft

Language encoding standard: iso639-2b

Script encoding standard: iso15924

Date encoding standard: iso8601

Country encoding standard: iso3166-1

Owner encoding standard: iso15511

Record identifier: US::VaU::example04

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Daniel Pitti. May 15, 2001 Manually created from record submitted by Bob Krawczyk.

Language/Script of description: English in Latin script.

Descriptive rules: Rules for Archival Description.

Source: Archives of Ontario Name Authority File, AO01. [No sources provided in imported record.]