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 <name>Ailie Smith</name>
 <maindate normal="20000217" calendar="gregorian">17 February 2000</maindate>
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 <name>Ailie Smith</name>
 <maindate normal="20010702" calendar="gregorian">2 July 2001</maindate>
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 <part>Working Men's College. </part>
 <usedate scope="begin-end" calendar="gregorian" era="ce" form="closedspan" normal="18820508/19331123">8 May 1882–23 November 1933</usedate>
 <p>Although it was not until 1887 that the first students attended the Working Men's College, the College had been in planning since 8 May 1882, when the concept was approved by the Trades Hall Committee (now the Trades Hall Council), and a financial committee was established. The Working Men's College was created to teach technical trades. </p>
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 <corpname id="A000155"> School of Engineering. c1887–1967 </corpname>
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 <corpname id="A000152"> The Melbourne Technical College. 23 November 1933–July 1954 </corpname>
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 <repository>State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection. </repository>
 <unittitle>James Alexander Smith–Papers. </unittitle>
 <unitid>MS 11370. </unitid>
 <unitdate>1878–1933. </unitdate>
 <extent>1.1 m </extent>
 <abstract>Papers, 1878-1933. Includes general correspondence; correspondence and technical papers concerning Working Men's College; lectures; correspondence relating to Victorian Institute of Engineers, Victorian Railways, Royal Society of Victoria, Microscopical Society of Victoria, and various other societies; miscellaneous items; and press cuttings. </abstract>
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 <name type="author">Murray-Smith, Stephen and Dare, Anthony John. </name>
 <title render="italic" linktype="simple">The Tech. A Centenary History of the Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology. </title>
 <place>Melbourne: </place>
 <publisher>Hyland House, </publisher>
 <date era="ce" calendar="gregorian">1987. </date>