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John A. Burrow, The University of Bristol (Emeritus)
A. S. G. Edwards, University of Victoria, British Columbia
Anthony Faulkes, The University of Birmingham
Ralph Hanna III, Oxford University
Judith Jesch, Institute for Medieval Studies,
     University of Nottingham
Eugene Lyman, Boston University
John Price-Wilkin, University of Michigan
Joseph Wittig, University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill

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Hoyt N. Duggan

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Thorlac Turville-Petre

Peter Baker

  Advisory Board
John Alford, Michigan State University
Stephen Barney, University of California at Irvine
Larry D. Benson, Harvard University
John Burrow, University of Bristol
Patrick Connor, West Virginia University
Allen Frantzen, Loyola University of Chicago
David Greetham, Graduate School and University Center, CUNY
Thomas J. Heffernan, University of Kentucky
Kevin Kiernan, University of Kentucky
V. A. Kolve, University of California, Los Angeles
Ian Lancashire, University of Toronto
Michael Lapidge, Cambridge University
David A. Lawton, University of Tasmania
Anne Middleton, University of California, Berkeley
Alastair Minnis, University of York
Douglas Moffat, University of Michigan
Derek Pearsall, Harvard University
Fred Robinson, Yale University
Geoffrey Russom, Brown University
R. A. Shoaf, University of Florida
A.C. Spearing, University of Virginia
Thornton L. Staples, University of Virginia, Alderman Library,   Director, Digital Library Research and Development
Paul Szarmach, SUNY Binghamton


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Why Electronic Texts?

Electronic editions offer historians, literary critics, linguists, and editors exciting new ways to study texts. Unlike printed books, electronic texts lend themselves to sophisticated searches, concordancing, collations, and other forms of text retrieval. Editors may present in full both "good" and "bad" manuscripts, permitting literary historians to study the history of the reception of the text as shown by scribal changes or marginal annotations. Comprehensive databases from a wide variety of dialect regions will be available to historical linguists for phonological, morphological, and syntactical studies. Students of stylistics will be able to make more complete studies of metrical, lexical, or syntactic patterning than are possible with printed texts.

The extremely flexible nature of an electronic text is also ideal for representing complex textual traditions, especially of works like Piers Plowman, where editors confront high degrees of ambiguity and uncertainty. Electronic editions will accommodate scholars who prefer "best text" documentary editions as well as those who want the best possible modern editorial reconstructions.


SEENET Publishes Two Series

Series A

Series A consists primarily of book-length editions published on CD-ROM disks.  We publish in this series both diplomatic transcriptions of manuscript texts and critical texts, or combinations of the two. When economically feasible, we publish full color digital facsimiles of each manuscript.  Texts are accompanied by an introduction as well as appropriate historical, paleographical, codicological, lexical, and interpretive annotations.

 Texts in this series accomodate some or all of the following features:

We expect in the short run to publish our texts exclusively on CD-ROM disks, though eventually, depending upon developments in electronic textery, we may make use of on-line publication.

Series B

Series B serves for publication of reference materials pertinent to the study of medieval English and Norse manuscripts and texts.

Order SEENET titles from Boydell and Brewer and the University of Michigan Press.

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