Aquae Urbis Romae: the Waters of the City of Rome

Inscriptions that commemorate the historic flooding of the Tiber River in Rome, 25 December 1598

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25 December 1598: 19.56 meters above sea level

There are ten surviving flood markers that commemorate the 1598 flood, although the literary record supports the existence of twenty-one markers.

Three are shown here. The numbers correspond to the map.

Index Number 4: Flood Marker: Facade of the Hospital of Santo Spirito, Rome (K. Rinne, 2004)

Index Number 21: Flood Marker: Via di S Maria dei Calderari 27, Rome (K. Rinne, 2005)

Index Number 16: Flood Marker: Facade of Church of S Maria sopra Minerva, Rome (K. Rinne, 2006)

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Aquae Urbis Romae: the Waters of the City of Rome

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