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Vespasian sponsored the restoration of the Aqua Anio Novus and the Aqua Claudia and restored the Templum Divii Claudii, which Nero had turned into a castellum (water distribution tank) for the Aqua Neroniana. At the same time the Stagnum Neronis was drained and the Amphiteaatrum Flavium (the Coloseum) was built. The Meta Sudans, a monumental fountain, was constructed just outside the Coloseum. It survived in a deteriorated state until 1936 when it was demolished in order to facilitate automobile traffic. The Emperor Titus sponsored construction of the Thermae Titi (Baths of Titus) overlooking the Coloseum. Under Domitian the Aqua Claudia was extended to the Palatine hill. Domitian also sponsored construction of an athletics arena called the Stadium Domitiani, and the Naumachia Domitiani, an outdoor water theater that was located either in the Transtiberim or in the Campus Martius. No important water features were constructed during Nerva's reign, although he dedicated the Forum of Nerva (also known as the Forum Transitorium), which had been begun under Domitian.

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