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Although Hadrian did not sponsor the construction of new aqueducts or baths he did construct a new limnaria (holding tank) for the Aqua Virgo and restore the Thermae Agrippae. He was responsible for several major architectural projects including the Templum Venus et Roma near the Forum Romanum, and a complete rebuilding of the Pantheon, which was reoriented to face north rather than south. This reorientation helped to spur urban development in the northern Campus Martius, where Hadrian also constructed his own mausoleum, the Mausoleum Hadrianum, now known as the Castel Sant' Angelo, and the bridge that leads to it, the Pons Aelius, now known as the Ponte Sant' Angelo. He also constructed a dike, the Fossa Campus Martius, to protect this area from Tiber floods.

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