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Pompey did not sponsor any significant water infrastructure projects in Rome, but he did build the Theater and Portico of Pompey, which included extensive gardens with elaborate pools and fountains, which may have been served by the Aqua Marcia. Caesar sponsored the construction of an open-air naumachia, or water theater, located in the Campus Martius near the bend in the Tiber River. He also sponsored construction of the Forum of Caesar, with ornamental fountains, and the ornamental Eripus, or water channel at the Circus Maximus that acted as a barrier to protect the spectators from wild animals. The area of the Emporium, or Imperial Wharf along the Tiber River continued to expand to the south as trade increased. Extensive gardens with elaborate water features were built by Caesar in the Transtiberim, and by other important Romans on the Pincian hill.

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